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March 2, 2021
- kristina

After earning a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a master’s in textile design, Yoon landed at Nike where she is a Footwear Concept

February 3, 2021
- kristina

Shravya was born in India and grew up in Abu Dhabi, UAE until she came to the United States to attend the University of Michigan, eventually earning her MBA/MPH from

January 11, 2021
- kristina

International students can start their own company on OPT if the work is related to their academic major, but there are a few things to think about before doing

January 7, 2021
- interstride

Are you about to graduate? If you were unsuccessful with your job search in the U.S. and H-1B isn’t an option, consider applying for Canadian residency. As a graduate student, you might qualify for Express Entry to Canada. After you spend a year in

December 21, 2020
- interstride

After beginning his career at Bimbo Bakers in Mexico, José completed his MBA at UCLA, during which he scored an internship with Walmart Mexico. This internship coupled with José’s global experience and education led to his current role as VP of

December 16, 2020
- kristina

After completing her MBA at UC Davis, Betty worked at a startup called Pillow, where she began her career in the U.S. After a few years at Pillow, which was acquired by Expedia, Betty joined the Corporate Finance team at Google. Prior to her MBA, Betty worked

November 25, 2020
- interstride
Optimizing your job search

Finding a job can be intimidating, especially for international students facing unique obstacles like work authorization and visa sponsorship. Finding and applying to jobs abroad can be a challenging process, and some employers are reluctant to front the

September 12, 2020
- interstride

US immigration policies have tightened, making it more difficult to get a job. But just across the border, Canada has taken an open-arms approach to

May 25, 2020
- interstride