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Interstride is a one-stop-shop that empowers international students.

Using data-driven technology, we’ve created a portal that provides international students with all the resources they need to transition and thrive in their educational journey abroad.

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Game changer in job search!

An amazing tool for international students interested in increasing their chances of getting a U.S. job. Learning about potential risks, growing your professional network, and so much more great information and useful resources. Easy to navigate and very interactive. I’ll definitely recommend to all of the international students I know.
Marina D., University of Southern California

Awesome tool!

The app has been very helpful for me. I recommend it to all international students. The Gameplan feature helped me identify weaknesses in my profile.
Celeste B., University of Houston

Super interactive and easy to navigate!

Great app for international students! Keeps me up to date on immigration and career related topics.
Salma M., University of Maryland

I love it!

We recently started using Interstride and I love it. Can’t wait to learn more about how to utilize this amazing resource.
Katie S., Career Advisor, University of Tennessee

What international students say about Interstride

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    Interstride for international students.

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    Interstride more than any other tool for their job search.

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    Interstride to network and connect.

All-in-one solution for universities

Interstride bridges the gap between international students and various university departments
  • International Admissions
  • Career Services
  • International Student Services
  • Alumni Services
  • Student Affairs
  • Study Abroad
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Our diverse partner portfolio includes large public institutions, private universities, liberal arts colleges, and other prestigious programs.