• Launch interstride at your university

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    Our cloud-based software can be launched within a week. Interstride will drive the marketing and student engagement.
    Social Network
    We'll connect with your international student office and student organizations to utilize their networks and channels.
  • Market launch to students through different channels

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    Launch a targeted email campaign to share the news of your collaboration with Interstride.
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    Use international student orientations as an opportunity to share this resource with students as they begin their journey.
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    Incentivize students to download the Interstride app by offering academic credit, providing deadlines, etc.
    Share the news through channels such as social media or on-campus media outlets.
    Onboard a student ambassador to foster awareness and engagement on the Interstride platform.
  • Engage students with consistent and relevant content

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    We will regularly share resources and tools that can help students in their university journey and career search.
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    Use the admin panel to send push and email notifications to students about important events and deadlines.
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    We will post live content to our news feed and manage all content on the portal.
  • Monitor student engagement and user behavior

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    Get a holistic view of how things are going using the admin portal.
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    Monitor individual users and download student activity and assessment reports.
  • You’re all set to empower your international students.

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An amazing tool for international students interested in increasing their chances of getting a U.S. job, learning about potential risks, growing their professional network, and so much more. Great information and useful resources.
International student at IIT