Interstride Student Ambassadors

A leadership opportunity for students to
support their peers.

An opportunity to develop the international community on and off campus.

The student ambassador acts as a liaison between the international students, career services, university alumni, and Interstride to foster awareness and engagement on the Interstride platform designed to support international students through their career journeys.

A grassroots approach to spreading knowledge, driving engagement, and creating a community.

International students are a tight-knit group who often receive and share valuable information via word-of-mouth from their peers. A student ambassador leads a grassroots approach to make sure international students know that your office or department has made Interstride available as a resource.

The best way to drive engagement and to have direct access to the international student community at your institution is to have a student ambassador who will help spread the word about Interstride.

An Interstride student ambassador ensures that international students are not only signing up to use the platform, but also staying active and engaged throughout their career exploration journey.

Who is the ideal candidate for our university’s ambassador program?

Ultimately, the institution will decide who will be the student ambassador on your campus. Depending on the size of your institution and the international student population, you may want to designate more than one ambassador.

If you’re having trouble finding a student ambassador, please reach out our University relations team for support.

  • Passionate about helping fellow students
  • Someone who is passionate about helping their fellow students face unique challenges.
  • Excited about bringing people together
  • Someone who is excited about networking, and getting a head start on the career exploration process would make an excellent ambassador!
  • Excited about building a community
  • It is not required that the ambassador be an international student - domestic students with heavy interest in the international student community and international career exploration are welcome.
  • Has leadership and communications skills
  • Someone who is excited about networking, and getting a head start on the career exploration process would make an excellent ambassador!
  • Familiar with international student community
  • We prefer upperclassmen who have some familiarity with the international student community.

Benefits of becoming a student ambassador

Valuable experience for future opportunities

Students can include this role on their resumes and LinkedIn. They may also request references from Interstride when applying to future opportunities.

Leadership and managment opportunity

The student ambassador will receive a small annual stipend to cover costs associated with Interstride-related marketing and have the opportunity to manage that budget.

Training and support from the Interstride team

It’s our goal to provide as much professional development as possible through this program. They will receive training and support from the Engagement Manager at Interstride.

Gain priority for opportunities at Interstride

As Interstride continues to grow, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team, and student ambassadors will receive first consideration for future opportunities at Interstride.

Curious to learn more?

Curious FAQ

  • What training/support is provided to the student ambassador?

    The student ambassador will receive an onboarding training via webinar directly from Interstride. They will also receive access to marketing materials and swag to share with the International student community. Student ambassadors will also have access to one on one direct support from the Engagement Manager who will provide answers to questions and feedback on marketing initiatives.

  • What is expected of the student ambassador?

    Interstride will provide all training and materials to the student ambassador. It is expected that the student ambassador will complete the training provided by Interstride and remain in communication with the Engagement Manager throughout their tenure as student ambassador via quarterly email check-ins. The student ambassador is expected to participate on the platform by attending webinars, posting/sharing content, and being active on the networking module. The goal of this role is to be an active member of the Interstride community while fostering interest in Interstride among the international student community at your institution.

    The total time commitment should be approximately 5 hours per month.

  • What is expected of the partner institution?

    As the partner institution/office/department, the expectation is that you will select the student ambassador and connect the student with the Engagement Manager.

  • Why become a student ambassador?

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