Team Background

Meet the Interstride Team

We’re a team of experts united by a common vision.

We believe in a world of equal opportunity for all. A world where technology serves to bridge the gaps of geography, information is easy to access, and international students are empowered to thrive.

Nitin Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO

Gunther Cronenberg

Chief Technology Officer

Kristina Grbich

Director, University Relations

Haseeb Khan

Product Lead

Tania Rayes

Branding & Design Lead

Judy Chen

Partnerships Manager

Our Board of Advisors

Aaron Blumberg


Gregory Victory

Duke University

Laleh Rongere

Stanford University

Audra Boni

Bentley University

Jukka Strand

World Bank

Katharine Marianacci

Lehigh University

Jesse Tejeda


Apurva Mehta

Summit Capital Partners