Why we're here

We support universities to retain, engage and empower their international students.

We support international students to transition and thrive in their education and beyond.

How it all started

Initial idea conceived to solve challenges for international students over a group dinner with friends.
Nitin and Christian decide to offer workshops to international students at Berkeley and Stanford to share their experiences and challenges.
Texting hotline introduced for San Francisco Bay area international students to ask questions, share concerns, and seek advice from Nitin and Christian.
iOS and Android application introduced after consultation with several career services departments at Universities and colleges in SF Bay area.
Interstride partners with 20 universities. Cloud-based web application portal introduced after the success of mobile applications.
Interstride partners with over 50 universities. Over 20K international students are now on the platform.
Interstride partners with over 50 universities. Over 20K international students are now on the platform.
A completely rebranded portal with a host of new features and functionalities for international students and underrepresented student population to be launched in Fall 2020.
Initial idea conceived.
Oct 2016
Interstride workshops introduced
Jan 2017
Texting hotline introduced
Mar 2017
Mobile apps launched
July 2017
Early partnerships
Sep 2018
Milestone for Interstride
Mar 2019
New features introduced
Interstride 2.0 Launch announced

Interstride was inspired through firsthand experience.

It all started when Co-Founders, Christian Eder and Nitin Agrawal moved to the United States to pursue their higher education.
Throughout the course of their graduate program at UC Berkeley, they formed a close friendship and discovered they had similar experiences transitioning to the US.
From career to immigration, like most international students, both of them had to overcome many obstacles in their student journey.
A determination to alleviate some of these difficulties and hurdles for other international students led to the idea of Interstride over a dinner with Berkeley friends in 2017.
University Partners
4 years
in Operation
Active Users
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What we stand for


We believe in the power of education. With the right information and tools everyone has equal opportunity.


We believe in the power of technology. With technology on your side, there’s nothing you can’t do.


We believe in supporting others. With the right support and foundations, everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


We believe in transparency. With honesty comes great understanding and endless opportunity.


We believe in keeping things simple. We want to make the international education journey as simple as possible.