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Since our inception in 2017, we have partnered with over 130 universities.

Our partners come from all over the US, but we share one vision

We believe in the power of education, the power of networking and mentorship, and the power of technology.
We are confident this will be a heavily utilized resource.

We are confident this will be a heavily utilized resource on our campus. We are already getting positive feedback from students.

Grace Champion, University of Georgia
Interstride’s been amazing to work with.

We don’t have a large number of international students on campus, but we also don’t have an international student coordinator to help these students as they transition both into college and out of it. We started using Interstride to help alleviate some of these issues, and it’s been great! It’s priced based on number of students, so I’m not sure how much it would be for your school, but they’ve been amazing to work with and they worked with our previous director to get a price that everyone was happy with.

Brenna Weston, Elmira College
California Baptist University
The student’s reaction to Interstride sells the product itself.

We implemented Interstride over the summer and absolutely love it! The students’ reaction to Interstride sells the product itself. Countless times when meeting with international students, they come in discouraged because they want to find a job but know how challenging it is to find an employer who will accept their H-1B visa or green card. When our office informs the students about Interstride, you can see the excitement and relief in their faces. Now their mindset has shifted from discouraged to determined to find a job in the U.S.

Jamie Jillson, California Baptist University
We have been having great success with Interstride so far.

We recently launched Interstride at Lehigh and we have been having great success with it so far. It is very user friendly and comprehensive. We have also received great feedback from our international students as well as domestic students looking to work abroad. Interstride is great to work with as an organization too - very responsive and open to customization/suggestions.

Katharine Marianacci, Lehigh University
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Learn about our partnership with Illinois Institute of Technology

An amazing tool for international students interested in increasing their chances of getting a U.S. job, learning about potential risks, growing their professional network, and so much more. Great information and useful resources.
International student at IIT

Some of our partners

Our diverse partner portfolio includes large public institutions, private universities, liberal art colleges, and other prestigious programs.
University Of Dallas
San Diego University
Harvard University
Georgia University
Arizona State University
St. Olaf College
Texas University
Tufts University
PACE University
Bentley University
Amherst College
Wabash College
Depauw university
Sewanee University
Saint LEO University
USC University
Lehigh University
Binghamton University
Villanova University
UCLA Adnerson
Leeds School Of Business
Fox School Of Business
Tennessee University
Colorado School Of Mines
Wesleyan University
Chicago Harris

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